Weekly Training Drills

If you dont have a set training program for your department, this would be a great way to get it started. if you have one and are running out of ideas, this will also help out. These are from firefighterclosecalls.com and are meant to be a "back to basics" training set (some may not be applicable to your area). They only have a summary of the training and a few key points, so you should supplement the info with a FFI/II book or a good instructor.

Weekly Training Drills

Principles of Modern Fire Attack - SLICE-RS

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors, in partnership with friends at Blue Card Command, Honeywell First Responder Products, Scott Health and Safety, the IAFC Volunteer and Combination Officers Section, and the IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section is proud to announce the Principles of Modern Fire Attack SLICE-RS Training Video.

This much anticipated training video is a culmination of years of fire research. It outlines new tactical operations plans that incorporate the latest fire dynamic research from UL FSRI and NIST and introduces SLICE-RS to the fire community.

The video can be viewed here at:

In addition, the Indiana State Fire Marshals Office, Indiana Fire Academy Training System in conjunction with the Penn Twp. and Mishawaka Fire Departments along with UL FSRI have also produced a Modern Fire Behavior/Modern Tactics Video that can be viewed at:

Both of these videos have been produced with the intention of training firefighters in the new modern tactics that are influenced by our new fire and building construction environment.

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