2017-09-07 Minutes




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jon Head. Joe Ray Dailey gave the invocation. The following member organizations were represented: Allgood, Bangor, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Dallas-Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Royal, Snead, St. Mountain, Summit, Susan Moore and West Blount. EMA, 9·1·1, Forestry, Special Ops, STV-Blount, BREMSS, Blount EMS and Life Saver were also represented. 9·1·1 Director Caleb Branch, Operations Manager Neal Brooks and Board Member Chief Bob Sanford were also present. 45 people signed the attendance sheets.


GUESTS – STV-Blount Adminstrator Greg Brown introduced Dr. Bryan Balentine via the telestroke video system to demonstrate the capabilities of how the doctors can remotely view suspected stroke patients. Dr. Balentine described how time-sensitive care can make the difference in stroke recovery as there is no reason to make a 45-minute ambulance trip when patients can be viewed and evaluated locally. A list of emergency physicians that serve STV-Blount was made available. Also present were Alabama House of Representatives members Connie Rowe, Randall Shedd and David Standridge.  Each one mentioned how appreciative they were to have excellent EMS and fire services from such a dedicated volunteer network. They also appreciate the feedback concerning local legislation and encourage each member to let them know about critical issues.


Chairman Head asked for the approval of the minutes of the August meeting. Motion by Chief Ellenburg, seconded by Assistant Chief Walker, and carried by voice vote. The Financial Report was approved by a motion from Chief Payne, seconded by Assistant Chief Robertson, and carried by voice vote.




CHAIRMAN – Chairman Jon Head reported the Ambulance Advisory Committee had reviewed the two proposals received for bid and would make their recommendations to the 911 Board who has final approval of which ambulance service will be engaged to provide Blount County coverage. Jon called for common sense when utilizing social media outlets and asked that information and posts be kept professional without accusations. He announced that the HCA had approved our budget request that included the BCRS and all eight ALS departments. You may start making any purchases October 1. There is an opportunity for the BCF&EMSA to send a representative to the Leadership Blount County program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  If any officers or Chiefs are interested, please let Jon know.


EMA – Deputy Director Avery Gibbs advised that TIMS Training will be 9/14 & 9/28. APACT 811 will have their annual training program and meal on October 3 at Gardendale Community Center. CERT Training will be available in the County with free training materials. The next LEPC meeting will be at EMA on 9/14 @ 0900. August Fuelman was at 93% of budget with annual totals at 108%.


9·1·1 – Director Caleb Branch reported that if you have gated properties in your coverage area, the codes can be loaded in the CAD and can be given out by PX to responders on the scene when necessary.  Building footprints can also be tied to addresses in the CAD.

COMMUNICATIONS – Chief Payne announced that he had met with a representative of Motorola and was working on financing a county-wide radio system that would be tied to the Moving Blount County Forward money received by the members of the BCF&EMSA. He was recommending standardized upper-scale model radios and will make a baseline list to present in the future.


TRAINING – Training Officer Tim Frye, Jr. asked that if any department was conducting training around the county, please let him know or place it on the EGroups so everyone will have the information.  He can put it on the website if you notify him.


FIRE PREVENTION – The Fair booth application has been submitted, the AFC Smoke Trailer has been secured and hand-out fire prevention materials have been ordered.


EXPLORER POST - Chief Sanford stated that they were working to identify appropriate scene apparel for Explorers.


FORESTRY – Forester Matt Tucker reminded all departments that Forestry Grant Checks would be available after the meeting. Forestry Project Specialist Terry Helms stated that his retirement was getting close.


SPECIAL OPS – No report.


ST. VINCENTS BLOUNT – No additional report.


BREMSS – Joe Acker added to the earlier conversation concerning telemedicine. It is changing rural health care for the better and stroke patients need to go to the closest hospital with the exception of patient choice. There is the potential to lose up to one-third of brain function by driving any distance with a potential stoke patient.  The BREMSS area will be one of eight areas in the US expecting patient movement due to the storm damage in Texas and Louisiana. The next Coordinator’s meeting will be 9/25 at Brookwood to discuss mental health patients that abuse the EMS system. Mental health professionals from all hospitals will be in attendance to help develop solutions to the problem as mental health patients continue to clog up the ER patient care system.


BLOUNT EMS – Operations Manager Shawn Gregory thanked all departments for their on- scene assistance with BEMS crews as they responded to 775 calls during August. Brent Dierking announced that there was a good response to the CQI meeting and will try to conduct these meetings every other month. Instead of meeting prior to the BCF&EMSA meeting, they will consider hosting the meeting on a different night of the month.


AMED – No report.




CORONER – No report.





ALABAMA FIRE COLLEGE – Chief Booth reported the con-ed program through the Fire College was available by paper application.  The time frame is October through September with 24 chapters in 2-3 hour blocks. They will accept one application per person per year. The course will include all power points, video, all student information and certificates, all available on-line.


LIFESAVER – Don Wilson and the flight crew had to leave early but Don advised that the recent ALS course went well.


AIR-EVAC – No report.


RED CROSS – No report.


GOOD & WELFARE – No report.



Ÿ The Nominating Committee presented their report:

Ø Chairman – Jon Head

Ø Vice-Chairman – Ken Edwards

Ø Sec./ Treasurer – Doug Smith

Ø Training Officer – Tim Frye, Jr.

Ø EMT of the Year – Shawn Gregory

Ø Firefighter of the Year – Chief Art Willis

Ø Dispatcher of the Year – Lauren Fuller

Ÿ Fair Booth schedules are as follows 1700-2100 each night:

Ø  Tuesday – STA 94 & 80

Ø  Wednesday – STA 21 & 8

Ø  Thursday – STA 70 & 14

Ø  Friday – STA 92 & 75

Ø  Saturday – STA 12 & 72

Ÿ Chief Hill proposed a motion to spend up to $500 for a laptop and speakers for the Fire Prevention program to use at public information events. Motion received a second and passed by voice vote.

Ÿ Everyone was urged to go vote on Tuesday, September 26



Ÿ There has been a change in the request from BREMSS for the annual banquet sponsorship. The allocated budget is for $300.00 and the BREMSS Executive Committee has changed their request to $500.00. It was generally agreed that we would continue this year with our $300 sponsorship for the banquet.

Ÿ Chief Miller at Dallas/Selfville VFD announced they were offering t-shirts for a donation of $17.00 with all proceeds to benefit former Chief Maurice Cooper’s grandson who has been diagnosed with cancer. This t-shirt is now the official shirt of the DSVFD.

Ÿ Chief Ayers at Royal VFD is still seeking department t-shirts to make a quilt that will be raffled off.  Shirts can be dropped off at Blount EMS.

Ÿ Station 12 will host Brindlee Mountain Fire to conduct pump test on 9/12.

Ÿ STA 94 has 5” hose available for sale.

Ÿ Station 12 will conduct a Train-the-Trainer for Child Passenger Safety Seat installation October 18-20.



The next meeting will be October 5 at Rosa Fire Department. The meal will be at 6:30 sponsored by Bay Fire Products.

Jon Head, Chairman