2021-03-04 Minutes

                                                                                              Location: West Blount
  Date: March 4, 2021
  Time: 1900 hours

  March 2021 Meeting Minutes

•    Representatives of each member department were accounted for: Allgood, Bangor, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Dallas/Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mount High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Royal, Snead, Straight Mountain, Summit, Susan Moore, and West Blount.
•    Associate members present: EMA, 911/Comms, Special Ops, Blount EMS, and Coroner.

Chairman’s Remarks
•    Recognition of Guest: Michael Saner (Zoll), Karen Stuart (National Fallen Firefighters Association), Kendra Harrington (Alabama First Responder Program), Ryan Vidischak
Previous Meeting Minutes
•    Motion to Accept: Chief Payne – Allgood Fire
•    2nd Motion to Accept: Chief Dodson – Bangor Fire
•    Minutes were approved with no objections

Financial Reports
•    Motion to Accept: Chief Glass – Rosa Fire
•    2nd Motion to Accept: Assistant Chief Peek – Straight Mountain 
•    Reports was approved with no objections

Old Business
•    The Bylaws are still being worked on by Chief Reed.
•    Truck checkoffs, financial reports and Dues were discussed
Committee Reports
Chair’s Report
•    New Fire Chiefs are required to file a ethics report. The website was sent out on the Egroup, and is due April 30, 2021.
•    Fuelman Report - Our annual budget is $50,000. We spent $4,157 in February.
•    If anyone is interested in an ICS 300 or ICS 400 class get with Don, this would be a 3-day class.

•    Motorola should have one if not both sites stood up by the end of the year.
•    What3words is the new app if you do not know your location it will ping it and you can give it 911.
•    No report
•    EVD and Mobile water supply class in May.
Fire Prevention
•    No Report
Explorer Post
•    No Report
•    No Report
Special Ops
•    No Report
St. Vincent's Blount
•    No Report

•    NREMT is 100% online
•    COVID admits are headed in the right direction with numbers.
Blount EMS
•    TECC will have training April 1st and 2nd it is $225 
Law Enforcement
•    No Report
State Fire Marshall
•    No Report
•    Teen Suicide has been up this past year. Get out and check on people.
District Attorney Office
•    No Report
Survival Air
•    No Report
•    No Report
•    No Report
Alabama Fire College
•    No Report
Red Cross
•    No Report
•    No Report
Good and Welfare
•    No Report

NEW Business

•    Ethics Report
•    There is roughly $6,000 in the HazMat account, this money needs to be utilized for some equipment. A committee was appointed to review and present at the next meeting.
•    HCA money is due May 31, 2021

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2000 hours.
The next meeting will be held on April 1st, 2021 at Susan Moore at 1830 for meal

Meeting Locations – 2021

Jan 7 – Remlap                Feb 4 – Nectar                March 4 – West Blount
April 1 – Susan Moore            May 6 – Blountsville            Jun 3 – Straight Mnt
Jul 1 – Pine Mnt                Aug 5 – Mt. High/Rtown            Sept 2 – STV-Blount
Oct 7 – Holly Springs            Nov 4 – Palisades/DA            Dec 2 – Oneonta

Jessica Green
Blount Co. Fire & EMS Association