2020-06-04 Minutes

June 2020 Meeting Minutes https://www.blountcofireandemsassociation.org/


•    Representatives of each member department: Allgood, Banger, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Dallas/Selfville, Holly Springs, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Royal, Sneed, Straight Mountain, and Summit.
•    Associate members present: EMA, 911/Comms, Forestry, Special Ops, BREMSS, Blount EMS, and Alabama Fire College.
Chairman’s Remarks

•    Recognition of Guest: DryTech, Ryan Vidischak
Previous Meeting Minutes
Motion to Accept: John Reed - Nectar VFD

2nd Motion to Accept: Jeff Baril – Blount County Rescue

2020 March Meeting Minutes – corrections noted, were approved with no objections.

Financial Reports

Motion to Accept: George Stanton – Brooksville VFD1 2nd Motion to Accept: Mitch Dodson – Banger VFD
2020 February Financial Report was approved with no objections or corrections.

•    Chairman Hill reminded the association member departments there a few outstanding balances for 2020 membership dues and workman’s compensation differences
Committee Reports Chair’s Report
•    Reminder that Truck Checks and Financial Reports are due for those outstanding.
•    Chairman Hill advised a new Blount County Representative for the Forestry District 2 committee is needed to replace Ken Edwards. Please contact Chief Hill if interested in becoming the replacement representative.

Report provided by Don Roybal, Blount County EMA Director:
•    Fuelman Report   Yearly Allowance of $50.000.00 or $4, 167 per month
•    March Fuelman Expenses $3,120.00 – 74%
•    April Fuelman Expenses $2,499.00 – 60%
•    May Fuelman Expenses $2,696.00 – 64.7%
•    Fuelman Cards – if expired please contact Don for replacement
•    Blount County EMA is working with State EMA and FEMA to received Federal Declaration with regards to the Easter Sunday Tornadoes/Flooding. Each Fire Department that responded to any damage during this event, please send EMA the following information:
•    List of personnel that responded
•    List of equipment used
•    Vehicles used during response
•    Location/Address
•    Date/Time
•    Description of work preformed
•    EMA is providing ID’s via email, call EMA for details.
•    Need to order the 7th Edition Essentials of Fire Fighting, the current 6th Edition will be expiring the end of July.
•    ICS 300/400 Blount County 3 Day Class – postponed until after August 1st.  Date TBA
•    Contact Don at EMA

Blount County 911

Report provided by Neil Brooks, Director Blount County 911:
•    In early stages of financing and installing a P25 radio system
o    For a period, both the current system and the new P25 systems will run linked. End of life date will be set for the old system, date TBD.
o    There are grants available to assist in funding departments purchase of new handheld and mobile radios. EMA will work with departments to apply for the grant funding.
o    Upgrades to the current system will allow the best radio signal/tower to be acquired automatically. No more manual switching of radios to find the best signal for transmitting and receiving. Law Enforcement Voting System components are in, at some point it will also incorporate the Fire Service to increase the strength of the current legacy system.
•    Blount County Ambulance Contract
o    The decision was made by the Ambulance Board to extend the current contract for an additional 2 years. The current 3-year contract with Blount EMS allows for a two-year extension, with the contract to be rebid at the end of 5 years.
o    Neil explained there were no substantial issues brought forth to the board with the current provider, therefore the decision was made to extend the contract.
•    Chief Hill voiced concern regarding the Blount County Fire and EMS Association’s board representatives due to lack of communication from board members. In addition, no reports back to the association have been provided by either of the two representatives during their tenures. Chief Hill expressed feelings that the association is not being represented appropriately at the board meetings. Director Brooks reminded Chief Hill and the association that all the board meetings are public, and anyone may attend.  Assistant Chairman Chief
•    Pine Mountain is up, but unable to find a vendor willing to install the antennas due to the current condition of the tower.


•    Email Josh Gibson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) regarding training upcoming opportunities, he will update the training calendar: https://www.blountcofireandemsassociation.org/training/training- calendar
•    Email sent out on May 28th: June 9th – 18th, additional all-inclusive training opportunities for departments using props from AFC, allows for ISO training requirements to be met. Email Josh Gibson or Johnathan Ledbetter for registration – TBD
•    Updated EMS Rules and Alabama EMS Patient Care Protocols 9.01 Edition
o    Released June 2, 2020
o    Go Live Date June 15th
o    See attachment BREMSS and Blount EMS report for links and training material.
•    Blount County 911 Communications Class will resume in the fall - 1st Saturday of each month. Limit of 20 per class, if interested email Neal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
o    Question posed regarding obtaining CEU’s for this class, further information forth coming.
o    911 Communication Training is required for each department every two years per By-Laws.
Fire Prevention – No Report

Explorer Post – No Report Forestry – No Report
The District II committee April meeting was canceled, next meeting will be hosted by Cullman County in July.  Date/Time/Location TBA
Special Ops – No Report St. Vincent's Blount
•    340B program in affect for 6 months and is going strong, focused is to put money back into the community by offering medical supplies to local school nurses, nasal Narcan to Oneonta Police Department (will role to county sheriff’s department in the future) AED pads to local voluntary fire departments, IO needles to Blount EMS. Future endeavors include possible support of the Junior fire Fighter Academy, cancer screening, physicals, HEP B and Flu vaccines, monitors, bariatric stretchers, Lucas devices, etc. via an assessment needs of volunteer and paid fire

departments and EMS services in the county. Request to add Narcan to list for volunteer departments.
o    Chief Scott Payne, Chief John Head and Chief Sean Miller, will compose the committee task with developing a Fire Fighter healthcare proposal to present to St. Vincent’s Blount.
o    Chief Miller has resigned his tenure as Chief, Chief Hill will appoint a replacement


Report provided by Bryan Gober, Manager of Education and Provider Service
•    See attachment for report
Blount EMS
Report provided by Wesley Powell, Blount EMS Operations Manager

•    See attachment for report
Law Enforcement – No Report State Fire Marshall – No Report Coroner – No Report
Blount County District Attorney Office – No Report LifeSaver, RAMS, Air-Evac – No Report
Alabama Fire College

Report provided by Mike Hill, Alabama Fire College

•    Fire College is back to normal operations, some classes are being held online/virtual.
•    Fire Officer 1-4 classes held/ongoing.  99 students tested May 29th, 94 passed.
•    New Drill Tower, Mobile Confined Space Trailer and Mobile Burn Trailer will be onsite for training at Agri Business Center June 9th – 13th
•    Chief Hill requested Mike Hill schedule the props for June 8th – 11th, 2021 for Junior Fire Fighter Camp.
•    Effective July 1st , the 7th Edition of Essentials of Fire Fighting will be used for classes.
•    ICS 300, registration is important for the class to be held. At lest 12 people are needed to host the class, or it is canceled. Blount County EMA will work with AFC to reschedule ICS 300/400 classes hosted in Blount County.
•    Hazmat Incident Commander is available via online course, it is still open for registration.
•    Fire Department Safety Officer/Incident Commander and Health Safety Officer are also available online and registration is open.
Red Cross - No Report VOAD
Report provided by Neal Brooks, Director Blount County 911

•    Email sent to all Alabama VOAD groups regarding a Lowes’ application for obtaining equipment that will be coming off their rental stock. Not many applications received. Blount County VOAD acquired several pieces of equipment, currently housed at 911 until better storage arrangements can be made.
Junior Firefighter Camp

Report provided by Vanessa Hill, Officer Holly Springs Volunteer Department

•    Junior Fighter Camp – June 9th -12th postponed until next year
•    All donations towards camp will be used for next year’s camp.
•    For 2021 Camp, establishment of scholarship in honor of Rex Allred and Brandon Pierce available to seniors that attend. Amount to be determined based on donations.
OLD Business

•    Doug Smith inquired as to the $500.00 sponsorship for the Senior Day that was canceled due to COVID. Chief Ledbetter will inquire as to if the money will be refunded or if the event will be rescheduled for a later date.
•    Healthcare Authority – Doug will be submitting the last four departments on Tuesday. He is unaware if any funds have been dispensed recently due to the current environment or what the timeline will be for the remaining four to receive their funds.
o    Doug also reminded the member of the association to be vigil when purchasing items, as a
non-profit organization, volunteer fire departments are tax exempt. He has noticed taxes have been charge on a few of the invoices submitted to him. The association can provide a tax ID number.  Letter of Tax Exemption can be obtained from Chief Hill.
NEW Business
•    Blount County EMA will work on a department’s behalf to secure PPE (Medical PPE, example: COVID) either locally or through the State EMA Office. If your department has a need please contact Don with the Blount County EMA office.

January    Remlap    July    Nectar
February    Sneed    August    Mount High - Ricetown
March    West Blount    September    STV Blount
April    Coroner Office TBD    October    Holly Springs
May    Blountsville    November    Palisades
June    Straight Mountain    December    Oneonta