2020-03-05 Minutes


•    Representatives of each member department: Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Sneed, Straight Mountain, Summit, and West Blount.
•    Associate members present: EMA, 911/Comms, Forestry, Special Ops, St. Vincent’s – Blount, BREMSS, Blount EMS, Coroner, Survival FLight and VOAD.
Chairman’s Remarks

•    Recognition of Guest: DryTech Tommy Liverett and DEC, Justin Coleman
Previous Meeting Minutes
Motion to Accept: George Stanton ‐ Brooksville VFD 2nd Motion to Accept: Jeff Coleman – Locust Fork VFD
2020 February Meeting Minutes – corrections noted, were approved with no objections.

Financial Reports

Motion to Accept: Billy Glass ‐ Rosa VFD

2nd Motion to Accept: Vanessa Hill – Holy Springs VFD

2020 February Financial Report was approved with no objections or corrections.

•    Chairman Hill reminded the association member departments there a few outstanding balances for 2020 membership dues and workman’s compensation differences
Committee Reports Chair’s Report
•    Dedication of Freedom Bridge held on Monday 2/24/2020 at 10:00am
•    Ken Edwards will remain as the Blount County Representative on the AAVFD committee but has expressed desire to withdraw from the Forestry District 2 committee. If anyone is interested in replacing Ken on Forestry District 2 committee, please contact Chairman Hill


Report provided by Don Roybal, Blount County EMA Director:
•    Fuelman Report
•    January fuel expenses totaled $3,593.06 ($4,164.00 monthly allowance), which was 86% of the monthly budget
•    Fuelman Cards – if expired please contact Don for replacement
•    ICS 300/400 Blount County 3 Day Class – to be held at the Frank Green Building
•    ICS 300 Class: March 20th – 22nd and April 3rd _ 5th (Friday 6pm‐9pm, Saturday 7:30am – 5:30pm, Sunday 7:30am – 5:30pm)
•    ICS 400 Class: June/July Dates TBA
•    Prerequisites:  ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800 classes, available online as self‐study classes
•    A FEMA Student Identification Number is required, contact Don if you need a FEMA ID #
•    Some slots are available, contact Don to register for those available slots
•    Bill currently in legislation session to be aware about:
o    Statewide Emergency Notification System @ no financial cost (Similar to Nixle Alerts)


Report provided by Susan Blackwood, Blount County 911:
•    March – June, 1st Saturday of each month Blount County 911 will be hosting a communications class.
Limit of 20 per class, if interested email Neal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
o    Question posed regarding obtaining CEU’s for this class, further information forth coming
•    Scheduled Reports from CAD, with summary, are emailed to department at first of month. If you are not receiving the reports check spam folder, if still not received email Neal
•    Department chiefs/officers are encouraged to visit 911 center – observe the daily operations of the center
•    Send location ( cross street location or GPS coordinates) to Neal at 911 center – upload information into the CAD system
Ambulance Contract Meeting – report provided by John Head – Chief Pine Mountain VFD
•    1st meeting of committee held, feed back from chief’s survey were discussed for incorporation in future contract to meet needs of Blount County citizens.
•    2nd Meeting ‐ TBA Communications – No Report Training
•    Email Josh Gibson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) regarding training upcoming opportunities, he will update the training calendar: https://www.blountcofireandemsassociation.org/training/training‐ calendar
•    NCCR class offered by Center Point Fire, March 9th – 13th , will cover two sections per day. Remote attendance is offered via Microsoft teams. Blount EMS will be hosting the NCCR class in their conference room
•    Fire Instructor II begins at Springville Fire Dept. begins on May 14th (Saturday/Sunday) for the next three weekends. Pre‐Req Fire Instructor I. Fire Instructor II is required in order to obtain Live Fire Instructor with 3 Day Bridge Program.
•    June 15th – 19th, additional all‐inclusive training opportunities for departments using props from Jr. Fire Academy

Fire Prevention

Reminder by Chairman Hill that June Fling is upcoming (June 13th ) coordination will be through Chief Booth – Oneonta Fire. Email Chairman Hill regarding ideas or thoughts for the Blount County Fire and EMS Association booth for June Fling. As the date approaches, dept/personnel will be scheduled for shifts – can be counted towards ISO Community Education
Explorer Post – No Report Forestry
The District II committee on April 23rd will be hosted by Blount County, location TBA.
Special Ops – No Report St. Vincent's Blount
Report given by Michelle Adamson – St. Vincent’s Blount, Chief Nursing Officer
•    340B program in affect for 6 months and is going strong, focused is to put money back into the community by offering medical supplies to local school nurses, nasal Narcan to Oneonta Police Department ( will role to county sheriff’s department in the future) AED pads to local voluntary fire departments, IO needles to Blount EMS. Future endeavors include possible support of the Junior fire Fighter Academy, cancer screening, physicals, HEP B and Flu vaccines, monitors, bariatric stretchers, Lucas devices, etc. via an assessment needs of volunteer and paid fire departments and EMS services in the county.
o    Chief Scott Payne, Chief John Head and Chief Sean Miller, will compose the committee task with developing a Fire Fighter healthcare proposal to present to St. Vincent’s Blount
•    Coronavirus (COVID‐19) testing in Blount County – all responders to follow CDC and Alabama Public health Guidelines
o    Test kits available, via the Alabama Dept. of Health and sent to UAB
o    Flu is still predominant
o    BSI – should be in practiced, even if flu or coronavirus is suspected notify receiving hospital prior to arrival
•    St. Vincent’s Blount had a Facebook page for First Responders, contact Michelle to be added

Report provided by Bryan Gober, Manager of Education and Provider Service
•    Expect changes to the Alabama EMS Patient Care Protocols 10th Edition delayed to possible April
o    Blind airway insertion – EMT‐Basics
o    Certified Tactical Medics
•    EMS Rules Update coming in April:
•    SEMCC meeting scheduled for June, Date TBA but will be meeting in the BREMSS Region
•    Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) Program – with transport providers but starts with first responders in obtaining information/data upon arrival and prior to transport. Looks at pre‐ hospital processes for cardiac patients to identify variations regarding patient survival, define system of best care practices and validation of care systems
o    Demographics
o    Arrival time
o    CPR performed – start time
o    AED used – time
•    System Patients (Trauma, cardiac, Stoke) – know before you go
•    National registry CEU education available via BREMSS – 9 hours for trauma, stroke and cardiac systems; 6 hours on protocols. BREMSS is available if you have questions regarding your education hours
•    Update EMS coordinator/contact with the BREMSS office
•    Refer to CDC or Alabama Department of Public Health EMS guidelines regarding suspected flu or coronavirus
o    Make sure your department is getting updates with this fluid situation
o    N95 mask must be fit tested, only recommend for healthcare professionals. Mask the patient as you would with suspected flu or coronavirus
o    Gloves and good handwashing are the best prevention we have
o    Public Education is the key – EMA webpage, Blount EMS website are options
o    Virtual Medicine App is an alternative means of patient with minor medical issues
o    Have one responder enter the area/resident with patient if suspect flu or coronavirus
Blount EMS
Report provided by Wesley Powell, Blount EMS Operations Manager

•    CARES – Blount EMS will be part of this program
•    Will be implementing the blind airway devoices; i‐GEL. Will be hosting future classes for basic services
•    North Alabama, Hepatitis A outbreak, BSI important not just on suspect flu or coronavirus, BSI for all calls
•    Blount EMS State Inspection: 0 deficits and no issues. CAAS accreditation upcoming
•    QA/QI ongoing, scene times are looked at by the state – after 30 mins on scene must contact medical control
•    Medic 31 now in service with rail loading system, there are pinch points so please be careful
•    AAC Preliminary – meeting next Tuesday
Law Enforcement ‐ No Report State Fire Marshall – No Report Coroner
Report provided by Lynn Sweatman, Blount County Coroner

•    Will be hosting next month’s association meeting at the Cleveland Park – Community Center
•    Appreciate for support and any observations or information regarding a scene please share with coroner on scene
Blount County District Attorney Office – No Report LifeSaver, RAMS, Air‐Evac – No Report
Alabama Fire College – No Report Red Cross ‐ No Report

Report provided by Larry Stone, Blount County VOAD

•    ADPH inquiring with state officers regarding VOAD’s ability to back‐up fire departments if needed
•    VOAD meetings: Feb 11 at 10:30am a Blount County 911 Center was canceled, March 17th meeting TBD
•    HONAR Flight plane has been reserved, Capacity of 150 people up to 100‐110 vets on the flight
o    $20,000.00/$100,000.00 contributed to Hometown Bank account

o    The need of additional volunteers, wheelchairs, buses for transport to and from airports

•    Amateur Radio Group, testing 5‐watt radios, if interested in testing also contact VOAD – Blount County

Junior Firefighter Camp

Report provided by Vanessa Hill, Officer Holly Springs Volunteer Department

•    Junior Fighter Camp – June 9th ‐12th, help is needed to deliver (June 8th) and remove equipment (June 12th) props will remain
o    ISO Training Hours

•    Calendar Training the following week for Blount County Company Training June 15th – June 19th
o    ISO Training Hours

o    J. Ledbetter, J. Gibson and K. Booth – contact to schedule department company training

•    Donations are still being accepted; current balance $9,500.00
•    Departments or department members interested in participating/volunteering can still sign up
OLD Business

•    Chairman Hill reminded the association Truck Checks and Financial Reports are due to the Association Sectary this month, March 2020
NEW Business
•    AAC Meeting
o    No Fines levied
o    7/8 Calls outside of 30 minutes: all attributed to system overload
    Noted from the meeting, system overload policy changes during the night, from 4 calls in previous two hours to 3 calls in the previous 2 hours
o    Wall times at receiving hospitals are still an ongoing issue, contribute to system overload
    According to the state, once a transport unit arrives on the property the patient becomes the hospitals responsibility. Per Steven Wilson; Signatures are for continuity of care, and not required to turn over patient to receiving hospital. It is not abandoning the patient, but must document times and refusal of signature by hospital
    Blount EMS implemented new company policy – will not hold wall more than 2 hours. At the two‐hour mark and if at zero/low status the Blount EMS crew will attempt to off load patient to get the transport unit back in service
o    Dispatching issues are being worked – time stamps, AVL times, new training, unanswered calls, etc….
o    Coverage/Transport Areas, Road Closures – can contribute to system overload or/and response times
o    AAVFD elections are upcoming; June 26th and June 27th, a listing of incumbent officers is provided. Any new nominations from departments/associations must be submitted prior to election. If there are any members of the BCFEMS association that are interested in, nominations will be taken at next months meeting
o    Continued issues with departments not responding to calls (fire and EMS). Neil Brooks, Chief Hill and County Administrator John Bullard meet to discuss means to increase call responses by ways to increase members within the volunteer departments (requirement?) – This is a statewide issue, not just Blount County
    Jan 21st – Feb 20th; 142 calls with no response from the primary department
    Shay Shellnut – development of committee to address recruitment issues statewide for volunteer Firefighters
o    Telecommunicator Week upcoming April 12th – 18th
    Will maintain existing schedule for providing food to the 911 Center Employees
    Motion to Accept: George Stanton ‐ Brooksville VFD 2nd Motion to Accept: Sam Johnson– Blountsville VFD