2019-04-04 Minutes





The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman Ken Edwaqrds. Chief Sam Johnson gave the invocation. The following member organizations were represented: Allgood, Bangor, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Dallas-Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Royal, Snead, St. Mountain, Summit, Susan Moore and West Blount. EMA, 9·1·1, Forestry, Special Ops, STV-Blount, BREMSS, Blount EMS, Coroner, Red Cross, Alabama Fire Marshall and VOAD were also represented. 9·1·1 Acting Director Neal Brooks, Communication Officers Susan Blackwood and Sandy Shelton were also present.  45 people signed the attendance sheets.


GUESTS – Scott Churchwell along with Becky and LaDonna delivered information and training concerning multiple functions of the Alabama Poison Control Center. Tommy Liverrett of Royal Restoration was present.


Vice-Chairman Edwards asked for the approval of the minutes of the March meeting. Motion by Chief Stanton, seconded by Chief Payne, and carried by voice vote. The Financial Report was approved by a motion from Chief Hill, seconded by Co-Captain Baril, and carried by voice vote.




CHAIRMAN – Ken Edwards reported that there was no meeting of the AAC so no report available. Their next meeting will be on May 9. He reminded all departments that HCA reimbursement invoices must be received by May 31.


EMA – Director Don Roybal advised that he still needed names for anyone interested in ICS 300/400 training.  Fuelman use for March was at 106% of monthly budgets.


9·1·1 – Neal Brooks announced that they have increased the capacity to send emails through the 911 Center Gmail accounts. Email Neal before you attempt to sign up for FirstNet service to limit your problems.  FirstNet for Fire 1 is a good option.


COMMUNICATIONS – Chief Payne informed the group that the 911 Board had approved law enforcement agencies to use MotoTurbo digital communications. There is interest in developing a tower site on Pine Mountain.


TRAINING – Training Officer Tim Frye, Jr announced that Cleveland will start a 160 class in June.  There are training funds available for the good of the whole Association.


FIRE PREVENTION – Chief Adrean Booth reminded all that the Firefighter Academy will be June 11-23 at Southeastern High School. There are currently 33 registered and they will cap enrollment at 50. They plan to introduce a mobile drill tower for repelling. Background checks will need to be done on all instructors.


EXPLORER POST – No report.

FORESTRY – Forester Matt Tucker reported that 13 have signed up for the S130/S190 training but he needs 20-25 to make the class. There were recent issues with drift smoke from neighboring counties that generated multiple smoke investigation calls.  Matt suggested sending someone out to scout when receiving multiple reports instead of responding with multiple apparatus.


SPECIAL OPS – Chief Kenny Booth is reevaluating the needs and missions of the Special Ops team.


ST. VINCENTS BLOUNT – Michelle Emerson, Charge Nurse, along with Lisa Morton of STV- Blount announced there will be a Community Health Fair at STV-Blount on July 27. Also, when you deliver a patient to the ER, they have a snack room set up for transport personnel.


BREMSS – Brian Gober provided information about license renewals, Narcon kit expiration exchanges with BREMSS, EMS rules additions and critical care protocols that will be forthcoming.  BLS and EVOC Instructor training are on the calendar.


BLOUNT EMS – Operations Manager Weslie Powell announced that Adv EMT National Registry testing will be May 11 he needs 8-10 EMT’s to assist. A Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course will be in late Spring/early Summer.




STATE FIRE MARSHALL – Investigator Fred Cochran reported that he is now full time in Blount County. Fire deaths along with fires at churches and schools are his priorities but if you need him, call him. He plans to start an Arson Task Force in Blount County. Make a request through Fred if you want free smoke detectors for households in your coverage area.


CORONER – Coroner Lynn Sweatman thanked the group for all of the assistance during the recent tornado event. Scott Kon has been appointed as another of his Deputy Coroners. He has acquired a vehicle from West Blount and also thanked all departments for their on-scene assistance when needed.




LIFESAVER – No report. AIR-EVAC – No report. RAMS – No report.



RED CROSS – Disaster Program Specialist Debra Dolph requested help with installing smoke alarms through the ARC Sound the Alarm Campaign.


VOAD – Chairman Larry Stone along with Vice-Chairman Mike Mitchell discussed Volunteer Reception Center training. Also, the Blount County Amateur Radio Club would like to visit department training meetings to recruit possible new members.


GOOD & WELFARE – No report.


Ÿ  All Chiefs are now members of the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs.




Ÿ Chief Hill reported on any potential changes in the Association attendance policies. Their surveys and associated suggestions were offered by handout with more discussion at the next meeting. Please contact Chief Hill at 205-368-5905 to offer your comments or ask questions.

Ÿ Chief Ledbetter was asked to head up the Fair Committee with a motion and a second and he accepted. He would like to see a single platform of information at any of the public events.

Ÿ June Fling will be Saturday, June 1 in downtown Oneonta. Work schedules are as follows:

Ÿ Set-up at 0630 – Station 9 and Ken Edwards

Ÿ 0700 – 1100   Station 9 and Ken Edwards

Ÿ 1100 – 1500   Station 8 and ??

Ÿ Findings and observations from the recent tornado event were discussed. There were actually two separate tornadoes but zero injuries. Issues that were recognized are:

Ÿ The need for incident management teams

Ÿ The need for more shelters which do not have to be Red Cross shelters.

Ÿ Communication issues could be resolved by incorporating ham radio operators at any shelter.

Ÿ There will be a Volunteer Recruitment Fair sponsored by the Oneonta/Blount County Chamber of Commerce on July 16 which is limited to only 501(c)3 organizations. John Reed requested that each department develop job descriptions for different support functions of your operations that do not require fire training. Develop your information and plan to be involved to recruit assistance.

Ÿ Chief Ledbetter was the recipient of the TV giveaway from Tommy Liverett and Royal Restoration. He immediately voiced his intention to donate it to the Fire Fighter Academy for use in training operations.




The next meeting will be May 2, 2019 at the Blountsville American Legion Post located at 1183 College Street, Blountsville. The meal will be at 6:30 sponsored by the Blountsville Fire Ladies Auxiallary.







Jan 3- Remlap

Meeting Locations – 2

Feb 7Snead


Mar 7West Blount

Apr 4- Royal

May 2–Blountsville

Jun 6- Dallas/Selfville

Jul 11- Nectar

Aug 1Mt. High/Rtown

Sep 5STV-Blount

Oct 3Rosa

Nov 7- Palisades/DA

Dec ??- Oneonta