2019-03-07 Minutes





The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jon Head. Chief Paul Gilbert gave the invocation. The following member organizations were represented: Allgood, Bangor, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Dallas-Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Royal, Snead, Summit, Susan Moore and West Blount.        EMA, 9·1·1, Forestry, Special Ops, STV-Blount, Blount EMS, Life Saver, Air Evac, Red Cross, Alabama Fire College and VOAD were also represented. 9·1·1 Acting Director Neal Brooks and Communications Officer Susan Blackwood were also present. 45 people signed the attendance sheets.


GUESTS – Justin Samples, representing Homes For Heroes, sponsored the meal and discussed the basics of their program. Hayden Police Chief James Chapman is happy to be present. Shawn Davis represented Royal Restoration in the absence of Tommy Liverett.


Chairman Head asked for the approval of the minutes of the January meeting. (There was no February meeting.)     Motion by Chief Stanton, seconded by Mike Benson, and carried by voice vote. The Financial Report was approved by a motion from Mike Benson, seconded by Co-Captain Baril, and carried by voice vote.




CHAIRMAN – Chairman Jon Head announced that there was one fine levied at the Ambulance Advisory Committee meeting just ended for an event in December. He reminded all departments that Association dues should be received by March 31.


EMA – Director Don Roybal reported January Fuelman at 80.2% of monthly budgets and February at 85.1%. He announced that Ken Evans will be the new EMA Deputy Director starting soon. Ken is a 9-year veteran of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office.  Don also requested that any department that had man-hours and equipment response during the recent flooding events to turn in your personnel records and equipment hours as soon as possible.


9·1·1 – Acting 911 Director Neal Brooks informed the group that they were aware of and are working on west-side repeater issues.


COMMUNICATIONS – Chief Payne reported that there were still a lot of discussions on the general direction of how to fund and solve the communications issues.


TRAINING – Training Officer Tim Frye, Jr announced that Cleveland would start a 160 class in June and you must have a physical prior to the beginning of class. Pine Mountain will host an EVOC class on March 16 & 17.  Specifics of a Fire Officer I class are being discussed.


FIRE PREVENTION – Chief Adrean Booth provided the dates of this year’s Junior Fire Academy as June 11-12 & 13 to be held at Southeastern High School. Lunch will be provided for students.  Work will begin soon on fundraising.


EXPLORER POST – No report.

FORESTRY – Forester Matt Tucker advised that he needs a list by next month of personnel who the Chiefs want to enroll in the S130/S190 Wildland Fire training. 15-25 people will be needed in order to schedule the training.


SPECIAL OPS – No report but Chief Kenny Booth was recognized and welcomed as the new Chief of Oneonta Fire & Rescue Service and also as then Special Ops leader.


ST. VINCENTS BLOUNT – Lisa Morton of STV-Blount discussed the merits and success of the different tele-med programs offered at the hospital.


BREMSS – Neither Brian or Mike were available but it was reported that there will be no SMECC meeting for March. The BREMSS website has courses listed for license renewals. There will be an EMS Town Hall meeting at Pelham Civic Center at 1000 on March 12.


BLOUNT EMS – Operations Manager Weslie Powell reported that Blountsville was doing NCCR classes, BEMS was hosting Advanced EMT training and Rosa’s Basic EMT class was beginning rotations. Weslie specifically thanked Air Evac, RAMS and STV-Blount for their recent assistance at the Blount Chiefs Conference.






CORONER – No report.




LIFESAVER – Clint Daniels thanked everyone for assisting the community and their air crews when needed.


AIR-EVAC – Julie Ward had no report.


RAMS – No report.


ALABAMA FIRE COLLEGE – Mike Hill announced that Fire College Weekend will be in Athens and that they will post a list of classes on EGroups.


RED CROSS – Volunteer Coordinator Kim Maynor was present along with Bradley Bearden representing the Blount County unit. Debbie Looney thanked all departments for their responses. Please continue to use the ARC Dispatch Center to make requests as that message is relayed to Disaster Program Specialist Debra Dolf and the Duty Officer.


VOAD – Chairman Larry Stone introduced Gary Clements who is also a member of VOAD plus the Commander of the Blount County American Legion. Larry reported that Hope House is working on an arrangement to maintain a staging area of VOAD supplies in the north Blount (Brooksville) area.  The next VOAD meeting is March 19 at EMA.


GOOD & WELFARE – No report.


Ÿ Jon asked for and received several positive comments concerning attendance at the Alabama Fire Chiefs Conference in Tuscaloosa.

Ÿ Over 44 people and 20+ agencies were registered and attended the Blount County Chiefs Conference held in Oneonta. Thanks to Chief Reed for spearheading the effort and organization. As discussed at the Conference, the Fire Marshall information presented will be placed under the “Links” section of the Association website. Many thanks to Blount EMS and STV-Blount.

Ÿ The CPR manikin upgrade has been purchased by Chief Ivey and West Blount Fire

& EMS District and delivered to Mr. Sanderson of Summit Fire for installation.

Ÿ A committee was formed to review and suggest changes to the Association Attendance Policy. The Committee consists of: Chief John Reed, Chief Scott Payne, Chief Sean Miller, Chief Chris Hill and Mr. Bernard Sanderson.




Ÿ Jon expressed condolences to the family of Brenden Pierce and many thanks to all who participated in the funeral and provided support to the Pierce family.

Ÿ Chief Willis noted that Rex Allred is back in the hospital.

Ÿ Reed Vaughn of the Alabama Fire College is gathering information attempting to sway opinion to establish disability pay for volunteer firefighters at the same rate as paid firefighters.

Ÿ A motion to approve Ken Edwards to deliver proxy votes to the AAVFD Conference this summer was made by Co-Captain Baril with a second from Chief Sanderson and approved by voice vote.

Ÿ A questionnaire and informational pamphlet was sent out to the AAVFD membership to promote the Fire Service to the Legislature for tax credit legislation for those serving as volunteer firefighters.

Ÿ As a result of the Blount County Chiefs Conference, Fred Kelley has agreed to talk and lead discussions concerning forming Fire Districts around the county to help ensure a more permanent funding base.




The next meeting will be Thursday, April 4 at Royal Community Center on Timmerman Road in Royal.  The meal will be at 6:30 sponsored by Royal Fire Department.