2018-03-01 Minutes




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jon Head. Chief Gilbert gave the invocation. The following member organizations were represented: Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Dallas-Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Royal, Snead, St. Mountain, Summit, Susan Moore and West Blount. EMA, Special Ops, BREMSS, Blount EMS, Law Enforcement and RAMS were also represented. 9·1·1 Board Member Chief Sanford was also present. 43 people signed the attendance sheets.


GUESTS – Former Probate Judge Royce King thanked all in attendance for serving your fellow Blount Countians. Candidates Chess Bedsole – Attorney General, Tom Parker – Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice and Kevin Price - Sheriff spoke briefly about their campaigns. Tommy Liveritt of Royal Restoration was also present.


Chairman Head asked for the approval of the minutes of the February meeting. Motion by Chief Reed, seconded by Assistant Chief Hobson, and carried by voice vote. The Financial Report was approved by a motion from Assistant Chief Branham, seconded by Assistant Chief Robertson, and carried by voice vote.




CHAIRMAN – Chairman Jon Head announced that the May meeting will consist of a candidate forum. Each leader of the political parties in Blount County will be notified to have their candidates available to present. The AAC update was provided with a compliance rate of 92.3% with an additional 87 facility transports. Chief Gilbert, Chief Miller and Chief Willis all gave positive remarks about their attendance at the recent Alabama Fire Chiefs Conference, with special thanks to Tommy Liveritt and Royal Restoration for their sponsorship. Ken Edwards provided the AAVFD quarterly meeting report (see attached). All were reminded that the quotes for HCA reimbursements are due March 1 but will be accepted through Monday, March 5.


EMA – Director Don Roybal reported that Danon Hogeland Smith has been hired as EMA Deputy Director. Don is working with Remlap to close out their Homeland Security Grant and also will provide firefighter badges at your station. Contact him to set up times and it would be helpful to combine departments if possible. Fuelman for February was at 86% of the monthly budget.


9·1·1 – Neither Caleb or Neal were available but it was announced that a 40-hour telecommunicator class will be held April 2-6 from 0900-1700 daily. Everyone should be receiving the monthly call report electronically.  If not, contact Caleb or Neal.


COMMUNICATIONS – The committee met yesterday and discussed radio specs and pocket repeaters.  They are trying to identify target areas for the repeaters.


TRAINING – Many attended the M4A sponsored Dementia training class and expressed the need for additional opportunities to attend this training. West Blount will start their 160 class on March 28 with an ECP class starting on March 17. ISPI training will be held May 16 in Trussville.

FIRE PREVENTION – The dates for the Fire Fighter Academy/Camp will be June 12-14 at Susan Moore High School.  It is reported there may currently be 80 applicants.


FORESTRY - No report.


SPECIAL OPS – Chief Willis advised that the command bus had been placed on GovDeals.com with some activity. The light trailer has stabilizing jacks and repairs on wiring and having it painted are next.




BREMSS – Brian Gober announced that STV-Blount is a certified stroke hospital. The next SMECC meeting is March 6 at the Fire College. Protocols will go to State soon for approval. The UAB Training Center is closing in April and Joe Acker will be retiring April 30.


BLOUNT EMS – Shawn Gregory introduced Brandon Anderson as the new Operations Manager for BEMS. His contact phone # is 205-215-8061. He advised that BEMS is trying to post a truck in Snead with Council approval and that Susan Moore is their 2nd option. Staffing levels have increased.  An on-line EMT course will be available April 1.


LAW ENFORCEMENT – Lt. Ron Chastain thanked all departments for the jobs you are doing.


CORONER – Lynn Sweatman was introduced as the next Blount County Coroner as he has no opposition in the Primary or General election this year.








LIFESAVER – No report. AIR-EVAC – No report. RED CROSS – No report.

VOAD – The next Blount County VOAD meeting will be March 8 at the EOC.


GOOD & WELFARE – No report.



Ÿ A vote by ballot was conducted to approve a change in the attendance requirements by departments. Each department present was asked to approve a change in the By-Laws to reflect a minimum required attendance of 8 meetings per year and a maximum of 3 allowable proxy votes annually per department. The vote was 16 for and 5 against to change the maximum allowable proxy votes to 3, motion passes.

Ÿ Yahoo EGroups has experienced outages recently which have caused delays in Association emails being sent and received. A discussion followed with a general consensus to move EGroups to another type of platform, pending the ability to block attachments.


Ÿ The Blount County Expo will occur on April 10 at the Agri-Business Center and focuses on careers for all 10th grade students. Oneonta Fire & Rescue as well as West Blount Fire & EMS District will assist with the career day program.

Ÿ A discussion to reserve a table for the annual Oneonta/Blount County Chamber of Commerce banquet on March 6 received no motion.

Ÿ Captain Tuck with the Blount County Rescue Squad announced they do have an active dog team in the County capable of multiple types of missions.

Ÿ Tommy Liveritt of Royal Restoration gave away 4 Top Golf tickets and Chief John Reed won the drawing for the TV.



The next meeting will be April 5 at Nectar Senior Center located at Nectar Town Hall. The meal will be at 6:30 sponsored by Herzing University.








Jon Head, Chairman